Waste Types
Choosing the correct waste type at the quote stage will help us give you the most accurate quote for your needs and avoid nasty surprises when the bin is collected. A list of the types of waste we collect is here.

Bin Selection

We provide advice on the most appropriate type and size bin to meet your requirements. To assist you to choose which bin size is right for you, we’ve prepared a chart comparing skip and hook bin sizes to a standard household 240 litre wheelie bin and a standard trailer here.

Load and Go

We recognise there are circumstances where it is not possible for you to load your bin – time, physical or other constraints. Our friendly staff can help make your household cleanup a breeze, by assisting with up to half an hour of bin loading for:

  • Green waste
  • Rubble and bricks
  • Light furniture
  • Garage cleanouts

Special Site Access Requirements
For tight access, we can supply a wheeled dolly for mini skips of 2 and 3 cubic metres.

This solution is ideal for commercial and industrial applications requiring heavy waste disposal that cannot be made through weight limited wheeled bins collected by front loader trucks or home projects that have difficult access requirements.

Sensitive Schedule Requirements
We have a proven record of accommodating many customers who complete shutdown jobs or sensitive work outside regular business hours or in difficult locations (e.g city congestion) to minimise disruption within and around work sites.

Driveway Protection
We understand that your home is your castle. We take great care placing and removing bins while minimising impact to landing surfaces and surrounding areas. Ask us about our blue carpet service for protecting driveways.